"WinPatrol offers very powerful protection.
It's a terrific free tool..."

YES, It was True!

The Great WinPatrol PLUS 99 Cent Software Experiment is real but over.   Thank you for your support.


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You may have noticed that  traditional software distribution is in a state of flux not unlike the media and publishing industry. On January 29th, as an experiment the price of WinPatrol PLUS will be $0.99. This one day sale does not reflect the value of WinPatrol PLUS. We believe $29.95 is still a fantastic deal but wanted to give consumers a chance to speak up.

Like our current deal the 99 cent license is valid for life. Like sales in the Apple App Store and Droid Marketplace, this license is valid for a single computer.

Initially, a coupon was going to be issued to provide this single day discount. To make the traction easier I will provide a sale price on Jan 29 which will not require a coupon. Everyone who upgrades to WinPatrol PLUS on this day will receive the same 99 cents special. Upgrades by check must be postmarked by January 30th.

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    At the completion of your order, click the Blue Continue button on the bottom of the screen to create your PLUS registration code so you can activate your PLUS features immediately.

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    We certainly understand that not everyone has or wishes to use a credit card online. We will accept personal checks, money orders, and postal orders(US & Canada) sent to the address below.

    BillP Studios
    32 Sunnyside Rd.
    Scotia, NY 12302

    For our special 99 cent experiment your letter must be postmarked no later than Jan 30th, 2010
    Include your Name and Email address. Your PLUS registration code will be Emailed to you as soon as payment is received. Make sure your Email address is clear and readable.

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