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Beta Instructions

    Thank you for your interest in testing WinPatrol version 16

    Beta Testing has been completed.
    Thank you for your support.

    WinPatrol 2009 will be released on Monday, March 16th.

    Beta Tips

      It's always a good idea to create a restore point of your system before installing any new software. While I'm confident there's no real dangers expected I recommend you back up any important data and create a restore point for your system before installing any new software.

      I love screen shots. If you have problems or suggestion you'd like to report sending a screen shot can save us both multiple Emails. To capture the current window hold down the Alt key and press PrntSrn key. This will copy the top window into the clipboard as an image. Just Paste the image into your favorite photo program and Email that file to

    What's New

    2009-02-28     16.0.2008.b5            
    • Updated International string positions
    • Corrected spelling error on Options screen
    2009-02-23     16.0.2008.b4            
    • Recently Detected List
      Extremely helpful for identifying and cleaning up malware recently added to your system, the new "Recent" tab shows files in a single list. Recent list provides a one screen look at the most recently installed and registered programs. Remove any new infections from a single screen.

    • Increased background performance and reduce conflicts with other programs.
    2009-02-01     16.0.2008.b3            
    • Added Monitoring of UAC settings
    • Fixed truncation and missing international text
    2009-01-24     16.0.2008.b2            
    • Fixed History Button Crash
    • Fixed Host File truncation in HiJack Log
    • Fixed ActiveX Prevent Changes Selection on Hide Alerts Dialog
    • Dutch version released
    2009-01-20     16.0.2008.b1            
    • Windows 7
      This version is the first specifically designed to work with Windows 7.  If you're a Windows 7 user you're welcome to use this beta and report your experience.  Many Windows 7 specific features are still being developed and may not be available until Microsoft has officially launched Windows 7..

    • User Access Control
      This version was created to provide all the WinPatrol functionality you've come to enjoy even on a Windows Vista and WinPatrol 7 machine.
      There are two versions of the small WinPatrol monitor component. One requires UAC permission, one does not.

      Initially, the non-UAC version will run so you don’t have a UAC alert every time you reboot.  If however, a change is detected and WinPatrol needs permissions we’ll swap the WinPatrol monitor with the one which requires UAC..

      As seen on a Windows 7 machine
    • Hide Alerts

      The 2nd big change is a long time request. Many users have wanted to configure WinPatrol so that alert messages may be hidden from users. Typically, this has been requested by IT managers or parents but it may also be handy to regular WinPatrol users. This will be a bonus feature available only to supporters who have upgraded to PLUS.

      As seen on a Windows XP machine

      I’ve also thrown in a feature which ignores “RunOnce” changes to the registry.  I have never seen malware use this entry alone and it’s often used by legitimate and frequent updates. If you’re setting up a system for someone else this might be an option you’ll want to use.

      Thank you for your support!

    Final version will be 16.0.2009 .0

    Good things to know...

  • Upgrading from previous WinPatrol version?
      We recommend you install this new version in the same folder you're currently using and preserve your settings. Depending on your current version, you may need to UnInstall your current version using the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel.  

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