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    You have WinPatrol version: 31.0.2014.0:31.0.2014.0
    Newest version is :35.5.2017.8:35.5.2017.8

    A new version of WinPatrol is available.

    There is no charge to download the newest version.
    To see what's new and if an update is recommended go to:

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How does WinPatrol work?

    WinPatrol is made up of two main components represented in the version.
    The tiny, optimized WinPatrol.exe monitor loads when Windows first starts. This program runs quietly in the background. You can tell the WinPatrol monitor is protecting you when you-see the small blue, Scotty Icon in the Windows System tray. The system tray is usually located in the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen.

    When you double-click on the Scotty icon, the Main Tabbed Interface, called WinPatrol Explorer or WinPatrolEx.exe is launched.
    This powerful component allows you to see what programs are controlling your computer. It also allows you to makes safe changes to improve performance allowing you to choose which Windows elements you don't want changed without your permission.
    When you click Close, this component is completely removed from memory leaving only the smaller WinPatrol that runs in the background.

    Scotty Icon

    WinPatrol PLUS is a one-time only charge.
    No additional download required.

WinPatrol PLUS Version Safe Update Engine

    You have a 32 bit version of Windows.
    When downloading software choose the (x86) or 32 bit version if asked.

    You have Internet Explorer: 8.00.6001.18702
    Click Here to Download Directly from Microsoft
    Internet Explorer provides a No Tracking feature that we recommend. If you'd like more information on tracking Click Here

    You have version 35.0.1916.153 of Google Chrome installed.

    Safely check your version of Adobe Flash: Click Here

    You have Oracle Java version: 7.0.510.13

    Oracle provides an online tool that will search for older versions that may be on your system. Old versions may create security breaches.

    Click Here to go the Verify Java page.

    Whenever performing an update to java, please be care to read download instructions. Unless you uncheck a screen like the following, Oracle will install the toolbar or a copy of McAfee Security Scan Plus.

    The original MalwareByte detected reports version: 1.75.0001

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