Googletoolbarnotifier.exe and swg.dll install with recent versions of the Google Toolbar. According to Google, these files run in the background and prevent other search engines from setting themselves as the default search engine. Some users tell us that the feature installs silently, that it has a "phone home" feature as a hidden process going through svchost.exe, and that if removed or disabled, it reinstalls itself. Others don't find these issues to be cause for removing the toolbar. More information can be found at

You have the option of disabling this program using WinPatrol or by modifying an option within the Google Toolbar. To disable using WinPatrol, go to your Startup Programs, locate googletoolbarnotifier.exe and select the [Disable] button. To re-enable it, highlight the file then click [Enable]. You can also enable or disable this feature from the Google Toolbar. Click the "Settings" button on your Toolbar and choose "Options." In the "More" section, check or un-check the box next to "Search with Google."

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