Website Monitoring Process WEBCHECK.DLL

Webcheck.dll is a file that contains COM interfaces for Website Monitoring. This file installs with Microsoft Internet Explorer and is safe to have around. WebCheck.dll from Microsoft may be listed in your Startup Programs when used to load programs via "ShellServiceObjectsDelayLoad". This entry should not be removed.

This file is updated in a Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer running under Windows XP, 2003, and Vista. It fixes a security vulnerability that could allow remote code execution. You'll find more information and the appropriate download at

If you get an error message when you try to access a Web site in Internet Explorer that reads "Page Cannot Be Displayed", you'll find help at

Help understanding and Troubleshooting Unrecoverable Errors (Faults) in Internet Explorer can be found at

Unfortunately, this file can be overwritten by the MyDoom family of viruses.
When you check for "Info..." the company name should say Microsoft. If the company information does not say Microsoft, please use the following links to see if you may have MyDoom running on your system:

  • Safe if not Virus

  • Microsoft