BADware Alert - CMESYS.EXE

CMESYS.EXE is Advertising Adware from GAIN, the Gator Advertising Information Network. This program will track all the web sites you visit and send the information to the companies Gain computers.

Usually it will come as part of other programs and has some limited useful functionality like auto-form filling or remembering passwords or P2P file sharing services..

We'd recommend removing this file. You'll also want to remove any associated programs like Gator.exe, gmt.exe. trickler, GAIN_Tickler_*.exe and files beginning with fsg_*.exe. Maximize WinPatrol and kill these files in your Active Tasks tab. Next, remove any that appear in your Startup Programs tab.

While most consider this to be spyware the courts have recently decided Gator can't be called Spyware. Instead, we agree with Leo Laporte of Tech TV who considers Gator to be CSYSNIware or Crappy Software You Should Never Install.

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