Spyware Alert CNBABE

CNBABE.EXE and CNBABE.DLL are part of the CNBABE spyware application that installs with the CommonName Toolbar, a browser addin for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and later. It is described as "The CommonName Toolbar supercharges your Internet Explorer web browser transforming it into a powerful navigation tool and search platform. Integrated seamlessly within the Internet Explorer browser, it gives you easy access to CommonName's many features while you surf the web.". Features include Common name navigation, PowerSearch, Login Manger, Form Filler, and Online Bookmarks.

It may be found in: c:\program files\commonname\toolbar\cnbabe.dll.
This is a spyware application in that it compiles data on your browsing habits and transmits it to any company that subscribes to the service. While the features may sound cool, most of them exist within Microsoft Internet Explorer (see Tools > Internet Options > Content > Autocomplete, for example). We'd recommend removing not only this file but also CommonName.exe, Cnbabe.exe, cnform.exe, cnbabe.dll, BabeIE.dll, and CNBarIE.dll.

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