Gator BADware - GAIN_TRICKLER_3202.EXE

GAIN_TRICKLER_3102 is a Gator Application. Gator is one of the most pervasive and widespread advertising adware programs from GAIN, the Gator Advertising Information Network. This program will track all the web sites you visit and send the information to the companies Gain computers. It also generates popup ads and can be used to install more files from Gator's servers without your knowledge.

Variants include Gator/A, Gator/Gain, Gator/Trickler (often followed by a series of numbers), and Gator/PDP which is also known as IEGator and PDPPlugin.

Gator programs may have found their way onto your system when you downloaded a few program such as eWallet or a number of date/time/clock setting programs. It comes bundled with most P2P file sharing networks, the most common of these being KaZaA.

You'll also want to remove any associated programs like CMESYS.exe, gmt.exe or GAIN_Tickler_*.exe. You can find manual removal instructions at this site: If you use a spyware program called LavaSoft's AdAware, you may get a message that Gator can't be removed. Simply reboot your system and rerun AdAware prior to opening any web pages.

While most consider this to be spyware the courts have recently decided Gator can't be called Spyware. Instead, we agree with Leo Laporte of Tech TV who considers Gator to be CSYSNIware or Crappy Software You Should Never Install.

  • ADware
  • Use WinPatrol to remove or disable this program.