Spyware Alert - MSBB.EXE

Msbb.exe, delmsbb.exe, and dnxf.exe were created by "180Solutions" as a 'comparison shopping' program called nCase (also known as Web3000). This is advertising spyware that creates popup ads. It ma also overwrite your wsock32.dll system file, and may transmit lists of URLs you visit. In some cases, you'll see delmsbb.exe listed as an nCase uninstaller. In reality, it doesn't remove nCase files at all.

Because this program messes with your winsock, we'd recommend downloading a winsock repair tool before removing it. You'll find one at http://www.cexx.org/lspfix.htm. Next, we recommend removing dnxf.exe, ddmb.exe, and msbb.exe. First kill them under Active Tasks then remove under Startup Programs. Finally, open a browser window, click 'Tools' then 'Internet Options'. Click 'Programs' and click 'reset web settings'. If you find you can't connect to the internet, run the Winsock repair tool you downloaded.

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