Adware Alert MSBE.DLL

A files called msbe.dll, nvms.dll, and mscb.dll install with the eXact Advertising adware program. These files will appear in your Windows\System or System32 folder and you may see them described as "NLS UrlCatcher Class", "CB UrlCatcher Class" or "ADP UrlCatcher Class". This program hijacks web searches to its controlling server and may also display popup ads. It may have installed alone or as part of the Bargain Buddy adware program.

We'd recommend using WinPatrol to remove these files. First, go to your Active Tasks and kill nvms.dll, mscb.dll and msbe.dll there. If a files called bargains.exe and apuc.dll appear there, kill those as well. Next, go to your IE helpers to remove the dll files and go to your Startup Programs to remove bargains.exe if it exists on your system.

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