My Web Search IE Helper MWSSRCAS.DLL

Mwssrcas.dll is installs with an IE helper object called "MyWeb". This is a homepage and search page hijacker targeted to sites run by A older variant that also installs mybar.dll called "MyWay" is targeted as These programs often download with Grokster, Morpheus, and other P2P file sharing programs. So far as spyware is concerned, these files are relatively tame. They do reset your home page and hijack web searches but do not generate popup ads or track your browsing habits. The MyWeb variant is more of a security risk because it can download code from "Fun Web Products" without your knowledge or permission.

We'd recommend removal. They can be disabled via WinPatrol or they can be uninstalled via Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. mybar.dll show up as "My Way Speed Bar" and mwssrcas.dll will show up as "My Search Bar" or "My Web Search".

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