NewDotNet may be installed on your system with or without your knowledge. A few years ago, a company called NewDotNet decided to start selling nonstandard Toplevel Domain names. At the time, the only valid domain names were .com, .org, .edu, .gov, .mil, and .net. NewNet decided to make up it's own domain names including things like .law, .club, .tech, .xxx and so on. You could pay to register a domain name through New.Net. The catch is that nobody would see your domain unless they had the NewDotNet plugin installed on their computer. For that reason, it became important for NewNet to get their software installed on as many computers as possible. They did this in several ways. Now that many new toplevel domain names have been approved by InterNIC, this functionality is even less useful.

NewDotNet is good example of what's being referred to as Foistware. Foistware is software that adds hidden components to your computer. Usually it's done without your knowledge when you install some other program that would be useful to you.

This program is has been known to be installed along with KaZAa, Earthlink, @Home (ComCast), Juno, Webshots, NetZero, AudioGalaxy, Bearshare and a host of other programs.

The DLL component is a plugin to your Internet Explorer Browser. It adds some internet functionality but nothing of real use. It's sneaky in how it gets on your system and it will also update itself without letting you know. It's unknown what new updated versions may do on your system. It has also been known to cause crashes so we recommend removing it from your system.

You can disable this DLL using WinPatrol but it's recommended you also use Add/Remove programs to remove the entire application. This DLL ties closely into the WinSock communication so if you just delete the DLL you'll screw up your system. You can use this utility to repair a damanged winsock.dll file:

Foistware: New Net, Inc (NewDotNet.DLL)

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