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Adware - SAVE.EXE

Most commonly, SAVE.EXE or SAVENOW.EXE is a Badware program from WhenU.com. It tracks your internet usage and relays the information to it's clients. It generates popup ads while you browse the web. If you notice you're suddenly getting a lot of popup-ads it's probably due to Save.exe.

What's worse is WhenU.com is able to steal referrals so if you purchase products online they'll get the affiliate money instead of the site that recommended or highlighted the product.

SAVE.EXE may have found its way on to your system when you downloaded free software such as Bearshare, WeatherCast, NewNet, or ClockSync. Or it may have installed via an ActiveX control just by opening a webpage into your browser.

Some versions of SAVE.EXE and SAVENOW.EXE can be removed using the Add/Remove program applet in the Windows Control Panel.
Start Button -> Settings -> Control Panel

WhenU.com which has been known to break its own privacy policy. You can learn more about WhenU at

  • Adware
  • We recommend using WinPatrol to remove or disable this program.

  • SAVE.EXE from Adobe

    There are some valid and safe files using this name. SAVE.EXE from Adobe is a Plug-In for Pagemaker which enables you to collect all the files your service provider will need to output your publication. If you have this Save.exe you're ok.
    Adobe Save For Service Provider 1.1 Plug-in

  • Safe