Adware Alert TBPS.EXE

There are multiple instances of files called tbps.exe in circulation. Tbps.exe isntalls with the 'Neo Toolbar', an adware program that is rather hard to get rid of. You'll also find a file called tbpssvc.exe and msqsb.dll on your system. We'd recommend removing these files using WinPatrol. First, go to your Active Tasks and kill the files there. While there, look for any files that appear to be a random collection of letters and numbers. Kill those files as well. Next, remove tbps.exe from your Startup Programs and msqsb.dll from your IE helpers. If using WinPatrol 8.x or later, right click the files and select "Delete file on reboot".

Files called tbps.exe, tb_setup.exe and toolbar.dll may appear in your c:\Program Files\Toolbar\ folder. These files install as a relatively new variant of the Huntbar adware program. TB_Setup.exe is the installer for the HuntBar IE Toolbar. It installs both tbs.exe and toolbar.dll. This search page hijacker by Traffic Syndicate feeds search results from its controlling server (

We'd recommend removing this program using WinPatrol. First, go to your Active Tasks and kill the files there. If files called btein.dll, btlink.dll, stoolbar.dll exist, kill those as well. Next, go to your Startup programs to remove tbs.exe and tb_setup.exe. Finally go to your IE Helpers and remove toolbar.dll, btein.dll, btlink.dll and stoolbar.dll.

Additional background information on Huntbar can be found at

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