Multiple Programs - TOOLBAR.DLL

Toolbar.dll installs with XupiterOrbitExplorer. This is the latest variant of the notorious Xupiter toolbar add-in that places a search toolbar in Internet Explorer. This spyware search hijacker redirects serach results from its controlling server at It also generates popup ads. Wed recommend removing it.

This OrbitExplorer version is unique in that it has an uninstaller availalbe. To find it, go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and remove the entry called "Orbit". More information can be found at

Toolbar.dll also installs with the Neopets toolbar by Velocity Software. Some sources view this as a legitimate program while others brand it as adware. Some members report that the Neopets toolbar connects to numerous advertising sites, one of which redirects IE to If you find this to be the case, you may want to use WinPatrol to remove toolbar.dll from your Active Tasks and IE Helpers.

Because it is a common name, there may be other instances of toolbar.dll not releated to either of these programs.

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