Adware Alert WINAD.EXE and WINAD.DLL

Winad.exe, winclt.exe, and winad.dll install with an adware program called WinAd by TwistedHumor. This program generates popup ads and targeted ads. It also has the capacity to connect to its controlling server and update its files.

We'd recommend removing this file using WinPatrol. First, go to your Active Tasks. Kill the following files: winad.exe, winad.dll, winad2.dll, winad.dat, and either winad-update.exe or winad_update.exe. You'll need to stop all of these files at the same time. To do this, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking each name. When all are highlighted, click the kill button.

Next, go to your Startup Programs and remove the exe files there. Finally, go to your IE Helpers and remove winad.dll and winad2.dll if it appears there.

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