Adware Alert WTOOLSA.EXE

Files called wtoolsa.exe, wtoolsb.exe, wtoolss.exe, wsup.exe, and wtoolsb.dll install with an adware program called "WinTools". Wintools installs itself as a service or "legacy service" that runs on system startup. It acts as a search page and home page hijacker. This program may have been intentionally downloaded or it could have stealth installed along wtih Gain, Gator, or Claria.

Users report that this file is difficult to remove. You can try going to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs then remote "Wintools", "Wintools Easy Installer", or "Wintools for Internet Explorer". While this is worth a try, it's unlikely that it will really get rid of the program. So we'd recommend maximizing WinPatrol then clicking you "Active Task" tab. Kill any of the 5 files listed above. Next, go to your IE Helpers tab and disable wtoolsb.dll. Finally, go to your "Startup Programs" tab and remove any of the 5 files that appear there.

If you've done these things and still can't rid yourself of these files, the latest version of CoolWebShredder should work. You can download that at You'll find a download link near the bottom of that page.

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