Google Toolbar Autoupdater GOOGLEUPDATER.EXE

Googleupdater.exe is an auto update utility that installs as part Google Toolbar V2.0 or later. Since Google has expanded their software library Google Updater is now used by many programs. The updater now comes in many forms and it may not be surprising to find 2-3 versions of this program on your system as a Startup, a Service and even a Scheduled Task.

This file checks to see if you have the latest version of the software. If not, it automatically downloads and installs the update. Google Updater also installs auto-updates for all of the programs in the Google Pack. More information can be found at

Google has gotten some criticism for their autoupdater because the updates are done silently in the background and the feature can't be disabled wia the Google Toolbar. If you don't want automatic updates, try disabling it via Winpatrol under your Startup Programs.

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