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What's was in 33.5.2015.12 (posted May 18th)
  • Fixed bug that resulted in WinPatrol Explorer crashing in various tabs, most notably the Recent tab.
  • Fixed bug that resulted in Notes no being visible everywhere they should have been visible.
What's was in 33.5.2015.7 (posted April 22nd)
  • Fixed installer to better remove previous versions of WinPatrol
  • Corrects issue causing installer to hang during upgrade on some computers
  • Corrected installer to honor non-standard installation folders when upgrading from V32 and above
  • Fixed bug that could cause WinPatrol service to stop running
  • Contains additional fixes to prevent recurring prompts
  • Contains fixes for additional stale data clean-up
What was in 33.5.2015.3 (posted April 14th)
  • Fixed issue with recurring alerts
  • Fixed issue where registry monitoring did not always alert
  • Enhanced background process to improve speed of detections
  • Enhanced product display and sorting on systems with large numbers of programs
  • Improved registration process
  • Fixed sorting on Delay Time in Delayed Start tab


Download Icon   Download WinPrivacy v2015.1.575    FREE & PLUS

What's new in 2015.1.575 (posted May 16th)
  • Fixed bug that resulted in installation of drives to fail on some computers.
  • Fixed bug that resulted in removal of flash cookies not to work properly on some computers.
  • Fixed bug that resulted in blocking of canvas fingerprinting to fail sometimes.
  • Updated Documentation URL’s in WinPrivacy Explorer.
  • Updated to better support installation on non-system drive on Windows XP.
What's new in 2015.1.551 (posted April 7th)
  • Added Upgrade button to Settings page, it is only visible if an upgrade is available.
  • Added warning text next to Auto Block header to help clarify that setting Auto Block immediately after installation could result in blocking of programs you want to use the Internet.
  • Corrected issue where we show the incorrect time associated with an action on some systems.
  • Made a few additional speed enhancements.
  • Improved licensing version check to prevent beta copies from stating a new version was available even when one was not

WinPatrol Information

WinPatrol runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 including x64 versions. No need to remove your previous version or purchase a new WinPatrol PLUS license.

Signed by Security Certificate     Always look for a valid Code Signing Security Certificate

If the network administrator isn't familiar with WinPatrol just search on WinPatrol and you'll see years of recommendations and positive reviews. They'll find Ruiware LLC is a trusted company who is not afraid to provide a physical location. They'll also find WinPatrol runs quietly in the background without conflicting with the network or other programs.

How does WinPatrol protect your computer?

WinPatrol Features
Features WinPatrolToGo      FREE PLUS
Detect and Review New Auto-Startup Programs No Yes Yes
Alerted you to New Brower Add-Ons like BHO's and Tool Bars No Yes Yes
Alerts you to newly installed Windows Services No Yes Yes
Alerts you to creation of Scheduled Tasks No Yes Yes
Alerts you and Locks Changes to File Type Associations No Yes Yes
Alerts you to newly registered ActiveX components No Yes Yes
Alerts you to changes in IE Home and Search pages No Yes Yes
Alerts you to changes in the Windows HOST File No Yes Yes
Lets you know if your AutoUpdate or UAC settings change No Yes Yes
Add/Remove and Review Auto-Startup Programs Yes Yes Yes
Automatically Disable Reoccuring Startup Programs No Yes Yes
Delay Auto-Startup programs for quick bootup No Yes Yes
Review and Remove unwanted Scheduled Tasks Yes Yes Yes
Remove Unwanted Brower Add-Ons like BHO's and Tool Bars Yes Yes Yes
Review, Display and Kill Multiple Running Tasks with a single click Yes Yes Yes
Review, Stop and Control Window Services Yes Yes Yes
Manage and Automatically Remove Unwanted Cookies No Yes Yes
Review and Edit your Windows HOST File Yes Yes Yes
Review and Remove Hidden Files Yes Yes Yes
Track Date/Time when programs are first detected on your system No Yes Yes
Multiple System Report Options Yes Yes Yes
Monitors undocumented/hidden Registry Startup Keys YES Yes Yes
WinPatrol PLUS
Features ToGo Free PLUS
Access to WinPatrol PLUS Knowledgebase (24/7) w/PLUS No Yes
Real-time Infiltration Detection No No Yes
Increased PLUS Performance No No Yes
Automatically respond and/hide specific alerts. No No Yes
Review and Remove ActiveX components No No Yes
Custom Registry Monitoring and Reg Locking (NEW) No No Yes
Access to WinPatrol Cloud results (NEW) No No Yes
One Time Fee
Single User Price               $0 $0 $29.95
Ten User Price $0 $0 $209.95
Hundred or More User Price $0 $0 Call


Please check out the cool video from Britec Computers about the features in WinPatrol.

WinPatrol v33.5.2015.12 MSI version

WinPatrol for Windows 98/W2K

Download Icon   WinPatrolToGo     (896 KB) 

WinPatrolToGo Info 

Download Icon   WinPatrol Removal Program     (589 KB)

This is a single program WinPatrolRemove.exe which will remove all files and registry entries created by installing WinPatrol. After running this file it will be removed automatically the next time you reboot.

Thank you to Scotty's International volunteers and friends

More Version 33 builds are on their way

These translations are the work of wonderful volunteer friends of Scotty. We are grateful for their hard work and participation. Ruiware, LLC is not responsible for their content.
Many have completed their work but with changes to our 2015, interface release of local versions will come after some additional testing and enhancements.

To localize your own version or volunteer to localize a new language see our Localize WinPatrol Instructions and additional languages.

Localized Setups - New Versions in Progress

  • Finland Flag Icon   WinPatrol Finnish   33.5.2015.12     Peter Stendahl-Juvonen
  • Dank der Unterstützung von unseren deutschen Freunden. Während maschinelle Übersetzung einige neue Text ist nicht so gut wie die menschliche Note wollten wir unseren Respekt zeigen.
    Flag of Germany WinPatrol  v30.9 in German      25.April 2014

  • Flag of Nederlands WinPatrol Dutch   30.5.2014.1     Gideon van Melle
            25 Maart 2014

  • Poland Flag Icon   WinPatrol 2014 Polish        Zbigniew Strzelczyk
            25 Marca 2014

  • Flag of Germany WinPatrol German   30.9
            25.April 2014

  • Spain Flag Icon   WinPatrol 2014 Spannish        Aldo Comparini
            06 de marzo de 2014

    More Updated Builds in Progress

    Stand alone language packs will soon be available from more of our friends outside the US.
    These scripts are created by volunteers and can be imported using Regedit or older versions of Internet Explorer. After downloading the newest WinPatrol in English you can run these language scripts until we have a complete setup available in your native language.

  • French Icon WinPatrol French 29.1.2013.1      Jean-Michael      Updated by Pandoon + Misc Volunteers

  • Spain Flag Icon   WinPatrol Spanish Language Pack

    These translations are currently incomplete

    More attention is on its way to localize the following.

  •          WinPatrol v25 Bulgarian      Night_Raven

  •          WinPatrol v25 Czech Republic

  • Hungarian Flag Icon  Hungarian Setup  19.3.2010.5   Zoltan Szajko
  • Italy Icon  Italian Setup 19.3.2010.5     Incerti Giancarlo (Quattro Castella )
  • portugal Flag Icon  WinPatrol Portuguese Setup 19.3.2010.5     Rui Costa
  • Brazil Flag Icon  Portuguese (Brazilian) Setup 24.0.2012.1     Luiz Andre Cavalcanti

  • Slovenian Language Pack

  • Romanian Language Pack  ( )

  • Hungarian Flag Icon Hungarian Language Pack

  • Swedish Flag Icon Swedish Language Pack

  • Swedish Flag Icon  Swedish Setup  19.3.2010.5   Torbjörn Tegelmo
  • Albanian Flag Icon Albanian Localization Setup 19.3.2010.5    Besmir Godole
  • Japan Flag Icon       Japanese Setup  19.3.2010.5   ewido
  • French Icon WinPatrol French Setup 19.3.2010.5      Jean-Michael      Updated by Pandoon
  • Russian Flag Icon  WinPatrol Russian Setup    ColdFish
  •  Turkish Flag Icon  WinPatrol Turkish Setup     Umut
  • Norway Flag Icon  WinPatrol Norwegian Setup
  • Greek Flag Icon  WinPatrol Greek Setup
  • China Flag Icon  WinPatrol Chinese Setup      Caiddy
  •            WinPatrol Arabic Setup       askress2009