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One of the common questions I get is "How do I disable this startup program?" or "How can I remove this crap?". Even I find myself asking, "Where did this program come from?". WinPatrol has multiple features that helps you find a solution to removing, disabling or uninstalling a malware program or any program that returns without your permission."

  1. Monitoring, Removing and Disabling Startup Programs    Startup Programs

  2. Delayed Start Programs

  3. IE Helpers - Browser Helper Objects - Toolbars    IE Helpers

  4. Scheduled Tasks 1.0    Scheduled Tasks

  5. Windows Services    Services

  6. Active Tasks    Active Tasks

  7. Cookie Management and Filtering    Cookies

  8. Monitoring and Restoring File Type Associations    File Types

  9. Hidden Files    Expose Hidden Files

  10. Recent Tab Sorted by Last Detected     Expose Hidden Files

  11. Monitor and Disable ActiveX using Kill Bits (PLUS Only)   

  12. Custom Registry Monitoring (PLUS Only)      Expose Hidden Files

  13. Options - Host File/Start Page Monitoring   Options

  14. Info... on Programs    Plus icon

  15. Community Data Info   

  16. Free Edition vs PLUS Edition (Online)    Scotty

  17. One-Time Upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS    Scotty

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