"WinPatrol offers very powerful protection.
It's a terrific free tool..."
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The Last WatchDog on Internet Security:
"WinPatrol PLUS should be on your Christmas shopping list."

Give a Gift of WinPatrol PLUS

Order WinPatrol just like you were making the purchase for yourself. At the completion of your order you'll be given a chance to create a PLUS code based on a user name.

Just enter the name of your friend and we'll provide you with a new PLUS activation code and directions for the recipient to installed WinPatrol PLUS.  Just copy and paste the installed like those below into an Email and send it as your gift of WinPatrol PLUS

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Scotty PLUS WinPatrol PLUS Lifetime License    $29.95
Single User/Unlimited Computers

Scotty Family Pack
Super Lifetme Family Pack $49.95
Unlimited Immediate Family
Unlimited Computers   

Sample Instructions for Activating WinPatrol PLUS

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