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WinPatrol 2014

WinPatrol FREE License

The Free Edition of WinPatrol is available for permanent use and is not just a trial version. This program is a powerful tool that alerts you to system changes, allows you to prevent selected programs from running, allows you to safely explore what programs might be slowing you down and more. The WinPatrol Free Edition license is limited to personal use but may be installed on multiple computers. You agree to use WinPatrol at your own risk. Businesses are welcome to use the Free Edition but may not install WinPatrol without an employee being informed and educated on how it works. Features not available are visible but we won't nag you into upgrading. You will see web pages with PLUS upgrade details only if you request PLUS Info. If we notify you of a unwanted change we won't make you upgrade to remove it. For a list of features click http://www.winpatrol.com/compare.html

WinPatrol PLUS
Single User Personal License

Upgrading to WinPatrol PLUS is a personal user license that can be used on up to 5 computers you personally use . It is a lifetime license that entitles you to access to all PLUS features, including our PLUS Database, Registry Monitoring, Active X Components monitoring and more. Friends and relatives should purchase their own personal user license. Once you receive a PLUS code you may use it to activate PLUS features on up to 5 computers personally use. This does not include computers used by family members if all you do is provide support & maintenance. Our Family Pack license is recommended for entire families who use WinPatrol. WinPatrol PLUS may be purchased for a business environment but is still limited to individual users. Our PLUS license is transferable to any new computer you purchase or if your computer has equipment failures.

We recommend installing WinPatrol as the first application when you have a new computer. Backup the file wpsetup.exe in case you need it in the future. Keep your PLUS name/code in a safe place. Using a PLUS activation code not obtained from Ruiware, LLC, WinPatrol.com or one of our partners is discouraged, dangerous and could result in your PLUS features being disabled without warning. Obtaining a PLUS code from an illegal "keygen" download site is risky and often results in a malware infection. While we don't aggressively chase after illegal use of our PLUS codes, if it can be proven we will prosecute. In addition, upon request we will provide an IP address to organizations currently working to reduce the use of pirated software

WinPatrol PLUS Family Pack License

The single WinPatrol Family Pack code may be used by all members of your immediate family within your household. Immediate family includes a common-law spouse or a domestic partnership as well as any offspring living within your home, at school, or serving their country, or a church, or working in a volunteer or charitable organization.
Like the single personal license, you may continue to use your activation code on versions of WinPatrol within the year of initial purchase or year of renewal. If you already have a single license and would like to upgrade to a Family License please see information at the Winpatrol Shop.

Software comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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