We have had a number of volunteer WinPatrol members who have helped to create localized text for other WinPatrol users.
    To make it easy we have a special English text file which was created and contains all the text used by WinPatrol.exe and WinPatrolEx.exe.

    To create a local native language version of WinPatrol you just need to translate the English text to the language of your choice. If you really wanted to, you could even create a Klingon version of WinPatrol.

    Download English Text file


    Download the English version of the WinPatrol text.
    Rename the file from a .txt file type to .reg.
    Double clicking on the .reg file will populate the registry with the new text.

    In the text you'll notice some special text characters which much be used.
  • %s indicates that a file name or other variable text message is included in this test when it is displayed.

  • %n indicates a new line. In some cases, you'll find a new line at the start of the English message. If the translated text is longer than the english you may remove the initial %n so there is an extra line to display the text.

  • & is used to underline the following character. This is used mostly in buttons or menus to indicate the Alt key may be used in combination with this character. You may choose other characters but the same character should not be used by another button on the same window or menu.

  • You may see extra spaces at the start of the text. This is common with check boxes so the formatting looks more readable.

  • LString634 should be the two letter indicator of the language de=German, fr=French,

  • Using a " mark must be proceeded by a backslash character as in LString1002.

Current Localized versions

  • Thank you for your support

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