[PLUS Info...] is one of the Bonus features of WinPatrol PLUS. Our Community Shield data is now available to make WinPatrol even more valuable.

We only want you to upgrade if you really like WinPatrol. You can also tell your friends that you found valuable free software without toolbars or other crapware.

Your support helps continue the development of WinPatrol allowing us to tell toolbar company's where to stick it when they offer us big bucks to install their crapware.

If you've been using WinPatrol Free version for years, we need you.  WinPatrol v32 has been hard work and this is a good time to upgrade to PLUS.

USA Today CyberTruth
Detection tool alerts Windows users to unwanted code (10-29-2013)

Upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS for more Info on 

Our PLUS database includes community based information. Even though you're using the FREE Edition we want to help. The following information is constantly being updated to help you decide if a program is valid.

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Scotty PLUS WinPatrol PLUS $24.95
Single User, up to 5 computers

Scotty Family Pack Super Lifetme Family Pack $44.95
Unlimited Immediate Family living in your household
Up to 10 computers   

No additional download required.

If you have activated WinPatrol PLUS and received this page in error please send an email to, support@WinPatrol.com.

WinPatrol™ PLUS provides

  • Increased performance with real-time monitoring that doesn't interfere with other programs.
  • Customized Registry monitoring allows you to select any location and make sure it won't change.
  • ActiveX management allows you to disable any vulnerabiltiy without waiting for a Microsoft patch.
  • Access to our program database lets you know what a program does and if you need it.
  • The PLUS database provides  Community based knowledge to aid your decisions.

    Your support is critical in allowing us to tell toolbar company's where to stick it when they offer small developers big bucks to include their crapware. WinPatrol wouldn't be possible without member support. Your PLUS membership is valid for all new versions of WinPatrol and up to 5 computers you personally own and use, including new computers. In other words, you can upgrade your computer as much as you'd like without worrying about your WinPatrol license remaining valid.

    If you have your PLUS code
    Double click the Scotty icon to load WinPatrol
    Enter your name and code in the following WinPatrol screen and click Apply to activate. .

    New Social Engineered Community Database
    Click Here to browse.

    Need more reasons to become a WinPatrol PLUS member?
  • Low cost and only $12 annual renewal fee.
      Fees cover all upgrades, techinical support, upkeep of PLUS data and more...
  • NO Scare Tactics.
      The garbage out there is scary enough on its own. We don't advertise using pop ups or spam. We don't bait and switch users by telling them we found hundreds of infections( usually just cookies ) and then only offer to help if you pay for a full version.
      Our free version will still detect and remove most dangerous threats to your system.
  • NO Additional Licenses required
      You become the PLUS member, not your computer. You're welcome and encouraged to install WinPatrol and activate PLUS on any machine you or your immediate family use. We think it's criminal when software companies make us purchase licenses for both your desktop machine and your laptop.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
      We want you to be 100% satisfied with WinPatrol PLUS. This is why we have a 30 day money back gaurantee. If you're not happy within 30 days, we'll refund your complete purchase price. We don't have an advertising budget so WinPatrol depends on word of mouth and positive reviews to spread the word.

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