Real-time Infiltration Detection is a system developed by BillP Studios to provide immediate detection of newly installed programs. This technology was created to allow real-time detection without impacting system performance.

While there are many programs which provide real-time detection they suffer from two problems.
  • System hooks and API spying slows down normal computer operation. Programs using these methods may inhibit normal activity more than the adware it protects you from. Some may even use rootkit techniques to embed themselves deep within the system.
  • Traditional programs rely on definitions or signatures of known threats to your system. WinPatrol with R.I.D. will detect any change to required infiltration points.

The methodology behind R.I.D is based on particular events which occur when programs try to execute or infiltrate your system. Manually editing the registry or changing program options may not trigger a R.I.D. alert but infiltrations by 3rd party programs will. This way you'll enjoy optimal performance during your normal computing tasks but Scotty will still wake up when significant changes have been made.

To verify that our new methodology was sufficient we contracted with an independent tester. Each of the following programs were installed on a fresh machine to make sure that WinPatrol with R.I.D. would detect the infiltration in real-time. The resulted exceeded our expectations although we noted that additional instruction and/or help was required to remove the infiltration.  Many of the repeat offenders have been addressed in the newest version, WinPatrol V32.0.2014.5.

The following programs were installed based on their popularity or attack frequency and ranking by online Anti-Spyware sites. We found that many site vary widely on their rankings so we based our list on the following pages.

PC Pitstop Top 25 Spyware and Adware
VIPRE REALTIME Malware Threats
Filename Description Detected Notes
cfgmgr52.dll BookedSpace malware Yes  
exp.exe trojan Yes  
wintask.exe Pop Marketing Yes  
VbouncerInner.exe Virtual Bouncer Yes  
VirtualBouncer.exe Virtual Bouncer Yes  
BundleOuter.exe Virtual Bouncer Yes  
AdDestroyer.exe Ad Destroyer Yes  
ScreenSaversInst.dll ScreensaversInstaller Module Yes  
Starware.dll Starware Yes  
MiniBug.exe WeatherBug Download Manager Yes  
w6bar.dll My Web Search Bar for IE and Firefox Yes Still installs in Firefox
EliteSideBar 08.dll Elite Sidebar Yes  
EliteToolBar version 60.dll Elite Toolbar DLL Yes  
eliteiuh32.exe (unknown) Yes Tries several times
bbsmartstubfal.exe BonziBuddy Yes  
bonzibdy.exe BonziBuddy Yes  
ErrorGuard.exe Error Guard Yes
GSYUpdater.exe GotSmiley Yes
GotSmiley.exe GotSmiley Yes
CMESys.exe CME (Gator) Yes  
SeaWDurlIE.exe (unknown) Yes  
djtopr1150.exe Adware Yes  
wupdt.exe IMISERV virus  Yes  
systb.dll Wbho module Yes  
[unknown] Unknown title (IE helper) Yes Winpatrol shows “Unknown Title”
RegClean.exe Registry Cleaner Yes  
svcproc.exe Trojan.Win32.Stervis.b  Yes Described as “System Startup Service”
WebRebates0.exe Web Rebates Yes Tries several times
Psof1.exe Pacimedia adware  Yes  
nvms.dll IE BHO, part of NaviSearch Yes  
msbe.dll Exact Advertising Yes  
bargains.exe BargainsBuddy ADP module Yes  
nls.exe NaviSearch Module Yes  
aunps2.dll adware/spyware Yes  
istsvc.exe ISTBar Yes
amdnrc.exe (unknown) Yes  
nem220.dll DyFuCA_BH Module Yes  
cxtpls.dll Apropos Media ContextPlus BHO Yes  
sfbho.dll SideFind BHO Yes  
istbarcm.dll ISTBar Yes  
sacc.exe SurfAccuracy Yes  
optimize.exe Internet Optimizer Yes  
cxtpls_loader.exe Apropos Media ContextPlus Yes  
ctfcap32.exe (unknown) Yes  
AutoUpdate.exe Apropos Media Yes  
PowerScan.exe Integrated Search Technologies Yes  
Comedy-planet.exe Comedy Planet Yes  
whiehlpr.dll WebHancer Customer Companion Yes  
whAgent.exe WebHancer Customer Companion Yes  
whSurvey.exe WebHancer Survey Companion Yes  
ieBHOs.dll E2G plugin Yes Tries repeatedly,
AuroraHandler.dll Aurora Handler Yes Tries repeatedly
stlb2.dll BrowserAid Search and Click Toolbar Yes Tries repeatedly
WebCpr0.exe Web_CPR/TopMoxie Yes  
Wast2.exe Twain-Tech Yes  
ARUpdate.exe AdRoar Yes  
TVS_B.exe BroadcastPC Yes  
Ftkcpy.exe XML Extender Yes  
AdRoar.dll AdRoar Yes  
ftk.dll XML Extender Yes Tries repeatedly
Ssk.exe Surf Sidekick Yes  
cashback.exe Top Rebates Yes  
mscb.dll BargainBuddy Yes  
VVSN.exe WhenU Yes  
Save.exe WhenU SaveNow Yes  
newdotnet6_38.dll Domains Yes  
Newdotnet6_84.dll Domains Yes  
sssTbar.dll SssTbar module Yes  
UCMTSAIE.dll UCMore XP Toolbar Yes  
ru.exe Quicktlme (adult content dialer) Yes  
Search.exe WhenUSearch Yes  
whse.exe WhenUSearch Yes  
rk.exe RelevantKnowledge Yes  
rlvknlg.exe RelevantKnowledge Yes  
search.dll WhenUSearch Module Yes  
mwsoemon.exe My Web Search Bar Yes  
mwssrcas.dll My Web Search Assistant for IE Yes  
mwsbar.dll My Web Search Bar Yes  
Hyperbar.dll Hyperbar Yes  
Superbar.dll SuperBar Yes  
sbhc.exe SuperBar Yes  
msbb.exe Ncase Yes  
Weather.exe WeatherBug Yes  
Sync.exe ClockSync Yes  
zanu.exe Ncase Yes  
zanuhook.dll Ncase Yes  
dkuc.exe (unknown) Yes  

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