WinPatrol: Services

A service is an application or process type that runs in the background and provides specific low level functions to other applications. Service applications typically provide functions such as client/server applications, Web servers, database servers, and other server-based applications to users, both locally and across the network. 

Many of the services you'll find listed by WinPatrol are normal Windows operating system services. Malicious programs do occasionally install services of their own, however.

Managing Services

WinPatrol lists the existing services on your PC, the current status of each service (whether it is "Running" or not), as well as the "Startup" type for each service. The "Startup" type can be "Automatic," "Manual," or "Disabled." "Automatic" services are loaded automatically when Windows starts or when the service is first needed. Services marked "Manual" must be started by a program before it is loaded. Services that are "Disabled" are prevented from running entirely

Filtering Services
As noted above, many if not most of the services in the Services list will be normal Microsoft operating system services. You will find non-Microsoft services, however. To filter out normal Microsoft services from the list, check the List non-Microsoft Services only box.

The Info... button provides more information about the selected service, including the company responsible for the service and the version. It also allows you to Stop services that are "Running." We strongly recommend caution when stopping or changing the service type unless the service is known to be a virus, worm or other malicious programs. Stopping one service means that all services that depend on the stopped service will also fail to run.

As it is often difficult to tell just from a file name or company name whether a service or program is legitimate, you can click the Free Info... button to review a list of common, well-known malicious programs on the WinPatrol web site. PLUS members can click the PLUS Info... button to search the online WinPatrol database for more information on the specific service program itself.

"Full Report"
This button will create a complete report of the current Services list and all the information available on each service program. This report can be useful for future reference and for spotting changes over a period of time in the services that are normally configured to run on your computer.

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