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Too many Scotty Icons in System Tray

After a new install of WinPatrol you should have one and only one Scotty icon in the system tray. There should also be a single "winpatrol.exe" in the list of Startup Programs. On x64 Windows machines you may see what appears to be two copies of the same program. One may be displayed as x64_RUN and HKLM_RUN but both represent the same key. If you remove one they both will be removed.  WinPatrol will list both entries for your safety since both could be used by smart malware

Check this box and the WinPatrol startup command will be initialized to "WinPatrol.exe -express." The express parameter is only used when the system boots as it will prevent WinPatrol from over reacting to many programs starting at one time.  This makes boot time as quick as possible.

Remove Non-English Text

There have been a few times when folks have accidently installed one of our localized versions of WinPatrol. This tool will remove any special language packs that have been installed for WinPatrol or our Task Catcher program.   If you're seeing a foreign language in the WinPatrol software you can run this tool if you want it to be English.

Remove Previous WinPatrol Uninstalls List

Like any Windows program you can find the Uninstall function in the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Program applet. Starting with Windows 7 this applet will just say "Uninstall a Program".

Sometimes depending on changes, a new WinPatrol version will have a different internal Windows ID. This can cause a new WinPatrol entry in the Add/Remove/Uninstall applet.
Normally, you don't need to run Uninstall before running our new setup program. In fact, we recommend just running our wpsetup.exe so it continues to include WinPatrol in our default Program Files -> WinPatrol folder. On x64 systems it will be Program Files(x86).

If you see more than one WinPatrol listed they don't take up any space or slow you down but this tool will keep things tidy and will remove all but the last version of WinPatrol.

Clean up WinPatrol Registry

One of WinPatrol's most useful features used to remove infections is our "First Detected" column. When looking to clean up your system sorting by first detected will allow you to see what programs arrived on your computer at the same time. This is  especially useful when virus filenames are randomly created.

When a program is removed from one of our lists, WinPatrol doesn't immediately remove the data related to the First Detected column. Over time when your computer isn't busy WinPatrol will clean up its registry folders so if a file no longer exists the information is removed. Many registry cleaners may detect this information before we get a chance to clean it up.
This tool will run a cleanup routine and remove references to any files that no longer exist.

Initialize WinPatrol Screen Positionss

Occasionally, we've had reports that WinPatrols main tabbed interface doesn't open when double-clicking the system tray icon. Normally, we've traced this problem down to systems with multiple monitors. For instance, if you move WinPatrol to your 2nd monitor and then switch to a single monitor we'll open WinPatrol to a location that is no longer visible. Sometimes just changing the monitor configuration can result in a similar problem depending on how Windows internally maps screen positions.

Using this tool, WinPatrol will remove any saved positions and sizes. WinPatrol will then open up in the center of your primary screen. WinPatrol also remember the size of your columns so you can customize your view. Those values will not be reset.

Clear PLUS Name and PLUS Code

This tool removes the current name and code which is viewed on the PLUS tab/screen. The program will revert to the Free Edition of WinPatrol.l.
We recommend using this tool if you plan on selling your computer or you give it to a family member not included in our family pack license. That way the new owner will have the benefits of WinPatrol but it removes any responsibility from you if someone uses your PLUS license. Just running our standard Uninstaller will not remove your PLUS name and code.

This is also useful if you've had an illegal version of WinPatrol PLUS but decide to finally purchase your own lifetime license. Use this tool to clear the Name/Code and enter your new legal PLUS membership info.

Reset the stored Cookie folder path

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