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WinPatrol v30.5.2014.1

March 22st, 2014

Fixed errors with Delayed Start programs on x64 version of Windows. Affected programs originally set to run from HKey Local Machine registry.

WinPatrol v30.5.2014.0

March 16st, 2014

This release addresses two areas that have been discussed not only on social media but on national news.

Check for Safe Updates

We've added a special "Check for Safe Updates" button on our PLUS tab/page. Previously this button checked for new versions of WinPatrol but it has been expanded to include version checks for a number of popular software packages. When you click this button we'll compare your version against the newest safe version available. If updating is recommended you'll see a safe link to the official download page for the software. This is critical because to many fake sites are being allowed to advertise with Google, Bing and other search engines. It's easy to find yourself on web page that tries to trick you into downloading software wrapped in a setup program that installs additional unwanted software.
Even legitimate company websites like Oracle have partnered with search toolbar and anti-virus companies. They receive revenue if they can get you to agree to installing software when you are notified you need to download a new version of Java. The WinPatrol PLUS Safe Update Engine will also warn you about these threats and show you sample screen shots of what you might expect.

Restore Deleted Files

The other new feature comes from feedback given to radio host Kim Komando. In a recent article Kim recommended WinPatrol but strongly warned her audience about the dangers of using WinPatrol to delete files that may be required. WinPatrol has always provided a History button that allows you to Restore any Startup Programs but she had a point when it comes to our ability to delete hidden files. Hidden files will now be stored in a WinPatrol vault. We will also include a command line script that can be used to restore any files that were hidden. The command-line scripts are created in a worse-case scenario when a file is deleted which is required for Windows to run by Windows. The script or .bat file can be run in safe mode or a command-line mode.

PLUS Upgrade Disount for Windows XP

The new Safe Update engine will also detect which version of Windows you're running. If we detect you're still running Windows XP we want to provide as much protection as possible. It's selfish because if a Windows XP machine is infiltrated it could turn into a "bot" which is used to send SPAM or deploy additional viruses. If we detect you're using Windows XP you'll see a link to a special Windows XP sale page. The name of this page will routinely change but it will have a PayPal button that allows you to upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS for only $2.00 USD.

Dialog Format and Positioning

Improvements are continuing on positioning of components within a WinPatrol dialog screen. Thanks to feedback from our localization volunteers and others we've improved the size and positioning of text fields. We've also updated our font definitions to use the recommended "MS Shell Dlg" font.

WinPatrol v30.1.2014

This 2nd release of WinPatrol 2014 provides a number of bug fixes that have been reported and improvements that have been requested. In the process of our code review additional optimizations were found. The result is a more stable version of WinPatrol that you can count on to run WinPatrol in the background without any interference.

International Date and Time Formats
As previously announced WinPatrol 2014 will continue to support our friends outside the U.S. You'll find this version handles formats as defined in the region control panel applet.

SQLite - Cookies
The only 3rd party software used by WinPatrol is an open-source public domain library named SQLite3.DLL This file is used by Chrome and Mozilla to store their cookies. If you see files in our Hidden list that start with "etilqs_" they indicate a SQLite database files. WinPatrol uses this file to help you manage your cookies. To continue our full cookie support this update includes the latest SQLite library.

WinPatrol Installation
The setup program has been improved to include more information on using WinPatrol effectively.

Graphic Enhancements
Graphics associated with WinPatrol lists have been updated. The graphic which represents real-time monitoring has been updated so PLUS users are provided a clear indication that monitoring is active.

ActiveX Non-PLUS error
We've had some reports that indicate WinPatrol can get confused about being a PLUS version. The main symptom is having an update button appear in the list of ActiveX controls.

Column Sorting
One of the functions used by our column sorting has been improved so sorting programs will be more consistent. In the process we also found that the company was not being displayed correctly.

Environment Variables
This version fixes a big in our handling of the %SYSTEMROOT% environment variable. It also improves handling of 64 bit file redirection for other environment variables.

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WinPatrol runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 including x64 versions.
We recommend you install our newest version directly over your current WinPatrol. No need to remove your previous version.
WinPatrol should automatically detect your PLUS code and activate your new version. Just in case, it might not hurt to open our main tabbed interface and click on the PLUS tab. Make a note of exactly how your name and code are entered.

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