AntiRansom PLUS for Business

Protect your business from Ransomware, Zero-Day Threats and more with WinPatrol Enterprise. WinPatrol Enterprise uses the same Artificial Intelligence engine used in our consumer product WinAntiRansom, but means business when it comes to protecting your business.

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AntiRansom PLUS for Home

Protect your personal computers from Ransomware, Zero-Day Threats and more with WinAntiRansom PLUS. WinAntiRansom PLUS uses the same Artificial Intelligence engine used in our business product, but is written for the home user with an intuitive, easy to use interface

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What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is Malware with attitude. It not only invades your computer, but it also seeks out and encrypts all of your pictures, documents, music and other valued documents. Then, it demands you pay a ransom or they will delete the files. The FBI’s advice? Pay the ransom. That’s right, even the Federal Government is unable to decrypt the files once encrypted. If you don’t have a back-up, you have no choice but to pay-up if you want the files back.

The ransom demand typically starts out around $500 in BitCoin. What is BitCoin? The ransom usually doubles with each passing deadline. When the time expires, they delete your files. That’s right, if you do not pay, they delete your files. Amazingly enough, if you pay in most cases they really do decrypt the files. Here’s the rub. If they detect your trying to decrypt the files yourself, they delete them. If you run a malware scan and delete the Ransomware responsible for the infection while your files are still encrypted, kiss your files goodbye unless you have a backup. You won’t get them decrypted. The Federal Government still can’t decrypt most Ransomware encrypted files.

Best medicine for Ransomware is prevention. That is why we invented WinAntiRansom and are actively improving it every day, seeking out new strains of Ransomware to keep you protected.

You need to ask yourself. Would I rather pay a little for protection and peace of mind, or would I rather have to figure out how to sign-up for and use Bitcoin, expose myself to the dark-side of the web by using it and pay $500 or more for the return of my files?

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