Who we are

We are a company made up of people who are tired of the status quo when it comes to security products. We don't agree with the upside-down approach of cleaning up a computer after it is infected. There are ways to pro-actively protect your computer before it gets infected and that is what we are doing with our suite of products. All of our Products work alongside of your current security solution in preventing Ransomware, Malware and Spyware attacks, as well as blocking junkware and add-ons.
WinPatrol WAR is the most powerful Anti-Ransomware product on the market, and leverages our Artificial Intelligence Engine to detect and kill Ransomware, Malware and Zero-Day threats BEFORE they can infect your computer or encrypt your data.
WinPatrol Firewall is our answer to the mystery of the Internet. It could be classified as a personal firewall and some have called it the easiest personal firewall every used. WinPatrol Firewall tells you every single program using the Internet, PLUS it blocks every single unknown program from accessing the Internet. WinPatrol Firewall alone has prevented hundreds of thousands of infections since it's released in March 2015.
WinPatrol PLUS is our tried host intrusion protection system. Originally written in 1997, it was the first of its kind, a heuristics based Host Intrusion Protection system. In addition to alerting you to new start-up programs, services, schedule tasks and more, WinPatrol also gives you the power to delay start-up programs, thus making your computer available even faster at start-up.

The combination of all 3 makes for a formidable defense in addition to your current antivirus.

Join the fight against cyberterrorism and purchase one, two or all three of our products and take advantage of our extra discount on the Ultimate Bundle.

If you need tech-support, please check out the Contact Us page and pick the appropriate support email address. We will get back with you as soon as we possibly can. Every effort is made to pick out real email from spam, but on occasion we make a mistake. If you do not hear back from us within 48 hours, please repeat your request.

What does "Anonymous License" mean anyway?

Anonymous License

Simple. We don't know who you are and we don't care. We simply want to provide you with a great product at a great price. Like walking into a store with cash in your pocket and walking out with what you want.

When you purchase any of our products, our cart processors need to request enough information to process the order and to meet tax regulations. In other words, we need to be able to summarize all orders by county for the State of Florida where we are located. No details. We only access this summarized data at tax time.

We DO NOT receive ANY personal information, including your email address, domicile address, or even country of purchase. Our cart processors simply ask us to give them a license to send to you in exchange for processing the order.

This means unlike companies like Facebook, Google, most security products and most other companies on the Internet, we don't track you in the name of "marketing".

  • We don't collect your information.
  • We don't sell your information.
  • We don't give your information away.

We respect your privacy.


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Ruiware, LLC
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