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WinPatrol WAR v 2017.5.720
Blocks Ransomware, Malware and Zero-Day Threats

Please use our Fast Start Guide to help you install, configure and test WinPatrol WAR to ensure it is working properly. Update of Fast Start Guide is currently in progress.

WinPatrol WAR receives ongoing updates to it’s Artificial Intelligence Engine.

What’s new in 2017.5.720
  • Fixed bug that resulted in WinPatrol WAR using excessive CPU on some computers.
What’s new in 2017.4.711
  • The “Allow” button now immediately allows the currently running program to continue.
  • Also marks the programs as Allowed so that it will not prompt the next time run either.
  • Removal of the big (annoying to most) red banner, “You are NOT Protected” that would be displayed if WAR was deactivated.
  • Altered Default setting for “Automatically remove entries for programs that don’t exist” to Activated. This setting tells WAR to automatically remove all entries flagged as “Does not exist” from the Programs page.
  • Improved the overall speed and performance of the detection engine.
What’s new in 2016.12.626
  • Add a Dashboard showing real time statistics.
    • Number of Programs discovered, whitelisted programs, programs in quarantine.
    • Number of PreEmptive, SafeZone, Network and Protected Registry actions for the day
    • The most recent program detected on your computer.
    • The full path the program most recently blocked program.
  • Ability to enable/disable protection right from the Dashboard.
  • Improved Program Discovery.
  • Updated Artificial Intelligence Engine, improving detections and reducing false positives.
What’s new in 2016.10.582
  • Fixed bug that could result in blocking of some Chrome plugins. They can now be allowed if blocked.
  • Fixed bug, ensuring VC++ 2010 runtime is installed if it not resident.
  • Fixed bug that could result in licenses not validating properly.
  • Contacted Norton to ensure they don’t block installation of WAR
What’s new in 2016.10.580
  • WAR now blocks all Malware, this includes viruses, trojans, worms, rats and of course ransomware and zero-day threats.
  • Automated all protection processes, thus removing the need for manual whitelisting.
  • Added a quarantine and the ability to unquarantine items
  • Sped up program discovery
  • WAR automatically discovers new programs as soon as they are written to disk
  • Fixed several bugs, like “Allow” button on detection prompts not always working properly
  • Renamed “Allow” to “Allow Next Time” and “OK” to “Quarantine” on detection prompts
  • Updated UI to show program version by default on Programs Page
  • Updated UI to include new Quarantine feature.
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What's new in V35.5.2017.8
  • Fixed compatibility issues with WinPatrol and recent Windows 10 updates that was resulting in Startup page not adding, removing or disabling startup entries properly.
  • Fixed bug that could result in WinPatrol failing to bring up PLUS data. Unset and removed “Allow PLUS info data collection” from the Options page.

What's new in V34.11.2016.17
  • Added new feature File Size Monitor
  • Fixed issues in File Type Association, making it compatible with all Windows operating systems from XP SP3 through the latest Windows 10.

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finland_flag WinPatrol Finnish 33.6.2015.18 Peter Stendahl-Juvonen

Nopea käännös jo V33.6.2015.18:

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  2. Pura tiedosto winpatrolfinnish.txt
  3. winpatrolfinnish.txt nimeksi winpatrolfinnish.reg
  4. Kaksoisnapsauta winpatrolfinnish.reg soveltaa käännös.

Siinäpä se. Avaa WinPatrol Explorer ja näet suomenkielisen

poland_flagWinPatrol Polish 33.6.2015.18 Zbigniew Strzelczyk

Szybkie tłumaczenie już V33.6.2015.18:

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  2. Rozpakuj plik winpatrolpolish.txt
  3. zmienić nazwę winpatrolpolish.txt wobec winpatrolpolish.reg
  4. Kliknij dwukrotnie winpatrolpolish.reg aby zastosować tłumaczenia.

To jest to. Ponownie WinPatrol Explorer i widać Wersja fińska.

germany_flagWinPatrol German 30.9
Danke für die Unterstützung von unseren deutschen Freunden. Da die maschinelle Textübersetzung nicht so gut ist wollen wir der menschlichen Note unseren Respekt zollen.

netherlands_flagWinPatrol Dutch 30.5.2014.1 Gideon van Melle


WinPatrol 2014 Spanish

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What's new in 2017.5.1010
  • Fixed problem resulting in repeating, duplicate prompts.
  • Added setting “Do not prompt for known good programs” and activated it by default.
  • Improved recognition of known good programs to help reduce prompts.
  • Fixed bug in installer that could result upgrades failing and requiring a restart for the upgrade to complete properly.
  • Fixed a few annoying bugs where prompts would not open on top of other programs.
  • Fixed issue where on wake from hibernation or sleep WinPatrol Firewall would sometimes state you were not protected even though you were actually protected.

What's new in 2017.1.941
  • Fixed bug that could result prompts being raised for items already allowed.
  • Fixed issue w/ licensing that could result in WinPatrol Firewall becoming "unlicensed".
  • Improved recognition of known good programs.
What's new in 2016.12.930
  • Fixed bug that could result in the tray application falsely displaying a "red" icon indicating protection is not active after waking from hibernation or sleep.
What's new in 2016.12.929
  • Added proactive dashboard that includes the following:
    • Last program to access the Internet
    • Last program blocked from accessing the Internet
    • Current number of programs accessing the Interne
    • Current number of internet connections
    • Total bytes of data received "today"
    • Count of programs allowed to access the Internet
    • Total internet connections for "today"
    • Count of blocked programs
    • Count of blocks "today"
  • Improved program performance
  • Improved prompt performance

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