WinPatrol: Delayed Start

The newest feature of WinPatrol will greatly improve your system startup time. There may be some programs which you do want to keep running but you don’t need to launch immediately on boot up. WinPatrol’s Delayed Startup allows you to specify the time to wait before launching programs which may typically run instantly when you boot slowing down the initialization of Windows.

To Delay the startup of programs go to the WinPatrol Startup Program list.
Select a program title and "Right-click" On the menu that pops up select, "Move to Delayed Start Program list".

WinPatrol provides additional information on Programs, including the company that created the program file as well as the program version. For additional information click on PLUS Info...

"Delay Options"
This button will allow you to set a specific delay time for programs that you want running soon after startup. You can also specify parameters for any programs and a user friendly title to be displayed.

This button allows you to Add a new program to the list of programs that will always start when you reboot or logon to your computer. When you click Add you'll see the standard Windows Open dialog which will allow you to navigate to the folder where your program is located.

This button will not delete any programs from your hard drive. It just removes programs from the Delayed Start list so the program will no longer run when your system boots up. If you still want this program in your normal Windows Startup Programs list you should "Right-click" on the selected program and choose "Restore Program to Startup Programs list".

To close or Exit the WinPatrol tab interface, click the X in the upper right hand corner or the Close button. WinPatrol will continue monitor changes but the main interface will be removed from memory.

Vista Compatibility
If you're using User Access Control you'll find opening the main WinPatrol interface will require an additional permission. It's Windows Vista's way of protecting your system from programs which access criticial system locations.   You may already have some startup programs which require UAC interaction. Putting these programs in your Delay Start list will make life with Vista less annoying.

Registry Cleaners
WinPatrol stores information about delayed Startup Programs in the Windows registry. If you allow a registry cleaner to remove WinPatrol entries it may remove information on programs you’d like to start. If this occurs you can restore any Startup Programs removed by going to the Options Tab and click on the “History” button. The History button will list all actions you’ve taken using WinPatrol and allow you to restore any Startup Programs that might have been erased.

Registry Backup
The first time you run WinPatrol 2007 a backup file is created in the WinPatrol folder just in case you experience problems.  This file is a registry script called RunBackup.reg.  In the case you need to restore all your original auto run programs and remove WinPatrol you can click on this file and run it. Our Uninstall program found is Add/Remove programs has also been enhanced and will restore any Run programs moved by WinPatrol into our Delayed Start list.

Reoccurring Startup Programs
Many programs think they’re special and should always be added to the Windows Startup Program list. Examples include Apple’s QuickTime and Microsoft’s CTFMon.exe. When you move these programs to the WinPatrol Delayed Startup they may continue to be added to the normal Startup Programs list.The WinPatrol Disabled button was created to automatically remove reoccurring programs from returning to the Startup Program list. After moving one of these programs to the Delayed List, you may still have to Disable them in the Startup Program list. Scotty will keep them from being started immediately at boot time.

Programs and Related Services
Some programs may not work in a delayed manner. We have run into a few programs which run along with a complementary Windows Service. Some Services may complain if they don’t find their associated Startup Program running. Windows Defender in Vista is one example we’ve found.
Some Internal Windows Startup Programs may not be delayed. WinPatrol will not allow these programs to be moved to your Delay List.

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