WinPatrol: Hidden Files

The Hidden list will display files located in some specific system locations which are marked as "Hidden" by the disk operating system. In most cases, these files are legitimate system files.  If however your system has been infiltrated this list will show you the names of files which are associated with your current infilation.

Check the colum that says "Date Detected" to see if Hidden files are recent additions.

By default, Hidden Files are not monitored in real-time by WinPatrol.  Some programs may exist which routinely created and delete temporary files which are set as Hidden.  If Scotty monitors Hidden files in real-time it could drive some users of these programs crazy.  However, if your system is infected the occurance of a hidden file won't be the only indication.  If Scotty alerts you to new malware in your Startup Programs list or IE Helpers it would be a good time to review the list of Hidden files.

Managing Hidden FIles

WinPatrol provides additional information on Hidden files, including the company that created the program as well as the program version. Most legitimate program files will usually include copyright and company information that can be displayed by WinPatrol, but not always.

Typically, hidden files are data files and will not include copyright or company information.  PLUS members can click the PLUS Info... button to search the online WinPatrol database for more information on the specific file.

Use the Refresh button to update the current list of hidden files.

"View with Notepad"
This feature may not work with all hidden files.  Most of your system files which are hidden will be readable as text files.

To close or Exit the WinPatrol tab interface click the X in the upper right hand corner or the Close button. WinPatrol will continue monitor changes but the main interface will be removed from memory.

Right-Click Menu

"Delete File"
This feature allows you to remove a hidden files on your system.  A copy of this file is stored in a Windows Recycled folder.

"Delete File on Reboot"
If after trying to remove a suspicious or dangerous program you find it still will not go away, right-click on the name of the program Module and select "Delete File on Reboot." This action will not take place until the next time you boot, but the file will be deleted before Windows starts and any other programs that may attempt to prevent its deletion.

There is no way to recover the file once it is deleted, so use this feature only when you are absolutely sure you want to remove the file.

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