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Program Information

When you click on the Info... you'll be presented with the WinPatrol Program Info windows. This screen will display any information Scotty can find out about a program based on information on your computer. On the top of the screen you'll see the Name and Title of a program. If the program contains additional information regarding its company, version and copyright we'll display this information. Typically, a legitimate program will include this information. The lack of information however does not mean the program isn't safe.
Some types like "Services" will provide additional buttons to control the properties of a program.

PLUS Info...

Double-Clicking on a filename or clicking this button will connect you to the WinPatrol online database of program information. Connecting you to our online WinPatrol database will provide human readable information about a program. You'll also find links to even more information. One of our newest features, the WinPatrol Cloud, provides information collected by the decisions of other WinPatrol fans. WinPatrol PLUS upgrade is required to access the PLUS Info... button.

<<         >>

The Previous and Next buttons displayed with the arrows above can be used to cycle through all the programs within a specific tab group.

Expand Info

If the Program Info screen isn't fully opened the "Expand Info" button will provide additional information including details saved by the disk operating system. You'll also be able to create a note about the current file.

Create Note  /  Save Note

The Create Note button allows you to add comments and annotate programs found on your system.  Forget why you wanted to keep a program or wonder who installed it?  Add a WinPatrol note to your WinPatrol folder.
Click "Create Note" and enter any information you like.  The button text will change to "Save Note" when you've added a note. Notes will appear anytime you review information in the future and can be edited at any time.

For quick access to WinPatrol notes you can right-click on a program title on any of our main screens. If a note exists, the pop up menu will include a selection to "View Note...". Using this menu item will open a note in your default text editor allowing you to read your notes or add more information.


To close this screen click the X in the upper right hand corner or the Close button.

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