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WinPatrol's top feature is how it monitors and keeps track of when significant programs are first detected. Ideally, WinPatrol should be the first program you install when you build or purchase a new computer. The "First Detected" feature for each type provides important information when diagnosing any kind of system problem. The "Recent" list is just a tool which provides easy access to when files were detected and which type of action they provide. You can also go to each tab and sort the "First Detected" column by clicking on the top.


All the entries listed on the Recent tab will also be listed on there own tab.  Recent may only need to be referenced when you want to find a group of program files which have been installed at the same time.

Over time some programs no longer exist on your computer. WinPatrol will eventually remove the information about when they were first detected. Some registry cleaner programs may also try to clean the registry location used by WinPatrol for detected information.


To close or Exit the WinPatrol tab interface click the X in the upper right hand corner or the Close button. WinPatrol will continue monitor changes but the main interface will be removed from memory.

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