Ultimate Bundle

All three of our products together on one computer provides you with protection like you’ve never had before.

  • WinPatrol WAR – Immunize your computer against ransomware, malware and zero day threats with our artificial intelligence engine that gives ransomware and malware a taste of it’s own medicine and blocks them before they can infect.
  • WinPatrol PLUS – Tried and true Host Intrusion Protection system that also provides great system utility functionality like ability to delay start-up programs, schedule task monitoring, browser cookie clean-up and now in the latest release file size monitoring.
  • WinPatrol Firewall –  Referred to as the “World’s Easiest to use Personal Firewall”, WinPatrol Firewall blocks any unknown programs from using the Internet and much more. Since it’s release, WinPatrol Firewall has blocked hundreds of thousands of malware infections before they happened.


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WinPatrol PLUS

WinPatrol Firewall
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Get protection like you've never had before. WinPatrol WAR blocks Ransomware and malware attacks before you get infected, WinPatrol Firewall gives you control over which programs can use the Internet and blocks unknown programs from using the Internet. WinPatrol PLUS prevents malware intrusion and gives you control over startup-programs, tasks, cookies and more. Put the 3 together in our Ultimate Bundle and get protection like you've never had before.
The Ultimate Bundle includes Anonymous, Single Registration licences for for WinPatrol WAR, WinPatrol PLUS and WinPatrol Firewall. If you reformat the computer, the license will no longer work. If you purchase a new computer, the license is no longer valid. If you lose your license, we have no way of looking it up. With this license you receive a 30 day money back guarantee and all future updates/upgrades to WinPatrol WAR as long as your license remains valid. Runs on all Windows based operating systems, XP SP3 through Window 10. May be used in small businesses.


What does "Anonymous License" mean anyway?

Anonymous License

Simple. We don't know who you are and we don't care. We simply want to provide you with a great product at a great price. Like walking into a store with cash in your pocket and walking out with what you want.

When you purchase any of our products, our cart processors need to request enough information to process the order and to meet tax regulations. In other words, we need to be able to summarize all orders by county for the State of Florida where we are located. No details. We only access this summarized data at tax time.

We DO NOT receive ANY personal information, including your email address, domicile address, or even country of purchase. Our cart processors simply ask us to give them a license to send to you in exchange for processing the order.

This means unlike companies like Facebook, Google, most security products and most other companies on the Internet, we don't track you in the name of "marketing".

  • We don't collect your information.
  • We don't sell your information.
  • We don't give your information away.

We respect your privacy.