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greencheck16Block installation of add-ons and toolbars.
greencheck16Know and reverse unwanted system changes.
greencheck16 Starts protecting immediately upon installation.
greencheck16 Does NOT slow down your computer!
greencheck16 Speed up computer Start-up.

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WinPatrol Blocks Malware First!

We recently received an email from a customer informing us that WinPatrol alerted him to two pieces of malware before either of his antivirus programs had a chance to react. Because of WinPatrol, he was able to block both before his computer became infected.

The first piece of malware was later identified as Trojan.QQpass and the second as Exploit:Java/Obfuscator.R. His antivirus did not detect anything until he ran a full scan.

I’ve recently read comments from some who think Scotty is past his prime. Nothing could be further from the truth. With the ever increasing amount of malware being released into the world, everyone needs a layered security solution. WinPatrol’s innovative manner of detecting intruders is needed now more than ever.

The experience of this customer is proof. Scotty is on Patrol!


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WinPatrol PLUS alerts keep you safe and in control!

Alert: Why this is important:
New Start-up Programs Spyware and Malware need to start in order to run. Protect your startup programs.
New Browser Add-ons Don’t let unwanted add-ons invade your privacy, commandeer or slow down your Internet browsing.
New Browser Toolbars Unwanted toolbars slow your browser down and have the potential invade your privacy.
Newly installed Windows Services  A Windows Service has total permission to EVERYTHING on your computer. You NEED to know when one is installed and why!
Creation of Scheduled Tasks  Scheduled tasks are a way spyware and malware will schedule one of their minions to run. Don’t let them use your task scheduler against you.
Changes in File Type Associations  Malware will typically change file type associations to get you to run their program. In addition, this helps to prevent file hi-jacking of file type associations by impolite programs.
 Newly Active-X components You need to know what is installed on your computer.
Changes to your home page Don’t let programs get away with changing your homepage without your permission.
Changes to your default Internet search provider Junkware, malware and unscrupulous entities love to change your search provider so they can control the results.
Changes to your hosts file This protects you for malware redirecting to you their site rather than the real site.
Changes to Auto Updates Settings Malware loves to disable auto updates, stop them in their tracks!
Changes to UAC Settings Don’t let programs change your UAC Settings without your knowledge.
Changes to Hidden Files Get alerted if any new hidden files are added or changed.

Lock down important settings!

Setting: Why this is important:
File Type Associations This prevents malware or impolite programs from changing file associations and alerts you to their presence.
Registry Keys Have a registry key you want to guarantee doesn’t get changed? Have WinPatrol PLUS lock that key down for you.
Automatically respond and hide specific alerts. You can tell WinPatrol to always allow or prevent changes to nine different areas.

  • Startup Programs
  • IE Helpers (Addon/Toolbars)
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Services
  • ActiveX
  • Hidden Files
  • File Type Association
  • Hosts file
  • Default Home and Search Pages

WinPatrol means features, features features

Feature: Why this is important:
Real-time Infiltration Detection Scotty is always on Patrol, watching for signs of infiltration. You don’t have to wait for a scheduled scan to clean up what already got in.
Registry Monitoring In addition to locking down registry keys, you can have WinPatrol monitor any registry key(s) you desire for changes and have it alert you when any occur.
Add/Remove Start-up Programs You have easy control over which start-up programs will run.
Delay Start-up Programs Speed up your computer start-up by delaying the start-up of programs you don’t really need by up to 1 hour.
Disable Start-up Programs Allows you to experiment to see if you really need a start-up program without completely removing it. Or to temporarily keep a start-up program from running.
Access to the WinPatrol PLUS knowledge base (24/7) Find out what any executable on your computer is and what it does. If we don’t know about it yet, just let us know and we’ll do the research for you.
Review and Remove ActiveX components Have an ActiveX component get installed you don’t want? No problem, have Scotty remove it for you.
Hide and allow “RunOnce” programs These are typically used by legitimate updates, so if you do not want to be alerted you can turn that off.
Suppress continuous alerts based on first response. Recurring alerts, no problem. Have WinPatrol remember your response and automatically respond the same way on the next alert.
Review and Remove Scheduled Tasks You have to power to control when, and if, tasks run on your computer. Don’t let your programs dictate to you.
Review and Remove browser Add-Ons Browser running slowly? Investigate if an unwanted add-on is slowing you down.
Review and remove browser toolbars Toolbars seemed like a good idea at first, but now, more time than not are an annoyance that slows your browser down.
Review, Display and Kill multiple tasks at one time. This gives you the power to clean-up malware infections, removing both the program and any protector programs on restart.
Review, Stop and Control Windows Services Part of our all-in-one tool that not only protects you, but also allows you to manage your computer as well.
Manage and Automatically remove unwanted cookies That’s right, not only can you remove cookies, you can set-up profiles that will automatically remove matching cookies.
Track when programs were really installed on your system WinPatrol keeps track of when it initially detected a program rather than trusting the system date, because malware likes to pretend it has been installed for a long time to throw off your investigation.
Changes tracked in restoration file Gives you the ability to “undo” a mistake.
Ability to view all “Hidden” files on your computer Don’t let malware get away with hiding itself. WinPatrol gives you visibility into hidden files.
 Gaming Mode Temporarily disable WinPatrol Real-Time Protection.
 PLUS peace of mind Because Scotty is on Patrol!

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