Non-Canvas Fingerprinting

Non-Fingerprinting48The Non-Fingerprinting tab contains a list of all domains you’ve visited that have not participated in Canvas Fingerprinting when you’ve visited them.

For a full explanation of Canvas Fingerprinting, please visit our Fingerprinting page.

Remove All Data

If you want to completely remove all data from this tab, simply click the Remove Add Data on the menu.

By clicking this button, you will delete ALL data from this tab. Currently there is no “undo”.

Remove Data

If you have a particular domain you want removed from the list, simply highlight that domain by clicking on it and then clicking the “Clear Data” button, located in the lower right of the tab.

What does "Anonymous License" mean?

Anonymous License

Simple. We don't know who you are and we don't care. We simply want to provide you with a great product at a great price. Like walking into a store with cash in your pocket and walking out with what you want.

When you purchase our products, our cart processors need to request enough information to process the order and to meet tax regulations.

We DO NOT receive ANY personal information, including your email address, domicile address, or even country of purchase. Our cart processors simply ask us to give them a license to send to you in exchange for processing the order.

This means unlike companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, most security products and most other companies on the Internet, we don't track you in the name of "marketing".

  • We don't collect your information.
  • We don't sell your information.
  • We don't give your information away.

We respect your privacy.